Krakchemia S.A


Krakchemia S.A. is a company with a more than 70-year-long tradition in chemical product trading.

KRAKCHEMIA S.A. is a company of over fifty year tradition in chemical products trade.
Since 2007, the Company has been quoted at Warszawska Giełda Papierów Wartościowych (Warsaw Stock Exchange). KRAKCHEMIA S.A share equity amounts to 9 m PLN, and in 2012 the Company joined the group of companies paying out the dividend.

Krakchemia S.A. specielises in wholesale trade of plastic raw materials, packaging film, laboratory chemicals and chemical materials. The company encompasses Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Germany and other foreign markets with its activity.

KRAKCHEMIA S.A is one of the main distributors of plastic raw materials on the territory of Poland.
In the course of the recent years, KRAKCHEMIA has become one of the major distributors on the Polish territory in the segment of packaging film thanks to the dynamic development of distribution. The Company leads also the activity connected with cutting the packaging film, comprising the longitudinal cutting and packaging film winding. Currently, KRAKCHEMIA is in the possession of a modern fleet of longitudinal film cutting and rolling machines that are characterised by the valid, implemented standards for films devoted for contact with food.