The Film Department – observing current trends and the dynamic development of plastic packaging market development – constantly extends its offer and invests in modern technologies, with the aim of upgrading its services for the customers.

At the beginning of may 2012, we implemented a third machine, a flagship product of Polish cutting machines producer – Jurmet. Its JURMET MASTER 2 (2000mm) cutting machine.


Polypropylene bilaterally oriented heat-sealed film is destined for use as a packaging material with printing and laminating possibilities e.g.:

  • Flexographic and rotogravure printing,
  • laminating,
  • flow pack wrappers,
  • labels for bottles,
  • confectionery product packaging (e.g. pies, gingerbread, candy bars, wafers), box wrapping (e.g. tea, coffee, cosmetics, CD, DVD discs), fancy goods, clothing (e.g. shirts, underwear), pasta, crunches, crisps, bakery etc.

Polypropylene oriented film is characterised by good sealing quality, high transparency, shine and favourable mechanic properties as well as  low vapour and odorous substances permeability Moreover, it is characterised by anti-slip and anti-block qualities facilitating its use in packaging machines. As a standard, single-sidedly activated film is offered (with activation on external rolling side). The use of external sealing layers makes it possible to seal the film below the polypropylene melting temperature. The choice of sealing temperature depends on the sealing electrode characteristics and sealing pace



Polypropylene non-oriented film, produced by casting is characterised with high transparency, flexibility, is soft and has its use in

  • Flexographic and rotogravure printing,
  • laminating,
  • foodstuffs packaging on rapid-pack wrappers,
  • packaging material for foodstuffs and fancy products etc.


  • low vapour permeability,
  • high flexibility,
  • highly favourable sealing parameters.



Because of its properties, it has a wide use in many industries e.g.:

  • foodstuffs,
  • packaging,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • cosmetic,
  • electronic,
  • electro-technical.


  • high shine,
  • high transparency,
  • good slip qualities,
  • high barrier quality,
  • low wear and tear,
  • resistance to mechanical working,
  • measurement stability,
  • resistance to high temperature scope,
  • resistance to mould, fat and lubricant.

BOPET film properties make it perfect for further working e.g.:

  • metallization
  • lamination
  • gluing
  • coating


STRETCH Film is one of the most popular packaging materials in the world. The film is used for wrapping and- simultaneously – safeguarding the products on the pallets. STRETCH Film – because of its stretching properties is the most efficient packaging material.

Attestations and certificates

The films on KRAKCHEMIA S.A. offer (among others BOPP and CPP polypropylene films, BOPET polyester film, STRETCH film) meet all the requirements for the products destined for the foods having contact with foodstuffs that are included in European Union directives and the laws valid in Poland.

KRAKCHEMIA S.A., upon the customer`s wish, shall present a declaration confirming the above-mentioned statement accompanied with a reference to the currently valid documents