Krakchemia S.A


Polypropylene bilaterally oriented heat-sealed film is destined for use as a packaging material with printing and laminating possibilities e.g.:

  • Flexographic and rotogravure printing,
  • laminating,
  • flow pack wrappers,
  • labels for bottles,
  • confectionery product packaging (e.g. pies, gingerbread, candy bars, wafers), box wrapping (e.g. tea, coffee, cosmetics, CD, DVD discs), fancy goods, clothing (e.g. shirts, underwear), pasta, crunches, crisps, bakery etc.

Polypropylene oriented film is characterised by good sealing quality, high transparency, shine and favourable mechanic properties as well as  low vapour and odorous substances permeability Moreover, it is characterised by anti-slip and anti-block qualities facilitating its use in packaging machines. As a standard, single-sidedly activated film is offered (with activation on external rolling side). The use of external sealing layers makes it possible to seal the film below the polypropylene melting temperature. The choice of sealing temperature depends on the sealing electrode characteristics and sealing pace