Krakchemia S.A

Filters, standards, chemical tests


  • Quality filter papers, quantity filter papers
  • Quality crêped paper, quantity crêped paper
  • Glass fibre filter papers (borosilicate), sterile and non-sterile membrane filters
  • Syringe filters
  • Indicator straps and bands of a broad and Barrow pH spectrum
  • syringes

Producers: Millipore, Sartorius, Whatman, Pall, Munktel, Macharey-Nagel, Eurochem, POCH, Hamilton


  • for AAS
  • for  ICP
  • conductivity standards
  • pH-metric
  • viscometric (viscosity)
  • for contaminations

PRODUCENCI: AccuStandard, Merck, Scharlau, LGC

Chemical tests:

PRODUCERS : Merck, Macherey-Nagel, HACH LANGE, HANNA Instruments